Just For Today

Just for today:

1. Be kind whenever possible; and remember, it is always possible.

2. Let go of the petty things!

3. Go the entire day without criticizing anyone or anything (you’ll be amazed at how much your world changes)!

4. Call someone just to tell them that you love them or are thinking of them.

5. Perform one small act of kindness for a stranger.

6. Unplug, disconnect, and learn to appreciate everything that’s around you; the trees, the birds, the grass, the laughter of children, or the feel of the sun on your face.

7. Don’t judge anyone!

8. Make a conscious effort to smile…A LOT!

9. Take a few minutes to sit down and reflect on all the things you are grateful for.

10. Be extra nice to yourself! Kindness towards others starts with kindness towards yourself.

Thanks for reading. I am grateful for all of you and appreciate your support and kindness.

Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well. And until next time – Veg in, don’t veg out!



LIfe is Hard and Love is Complicated


When I met my ex-husband, we had a whirlwind courtship that lasted only a few months before we got married. We had a great marriage until it wasn’t great anymore. I had this idea that once I got married, things would be easier and that suddenly I was going to be happy every day and that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Wow, was I wrong!

Life is hard and love is complicated. Relationships take a lot of work. You’ve got to stay present in your relationships, you’ve got to be able to communicate, and you’ve got to keep nurturing your relationships to keep the alive and vibrant.

I always knew that life was hard. I’ve been through a lot of things in life, but I always found a way to come out on top.

Love is complicated, but I never really knew that and I didn’t realize it until it was too late.

The movie Jerry Maguire had it all wrong with the line, “you complete me,” relationships aren’t about finding someone to complete you, it’s about finding someone to complement you. It’s not about finding someone to make you happy, it’s about finding someone that you can be happy with. But you have to be happy with yourself first; no one can do that for you. Happiness is an inside job!

Whatever relationships you have in your life, with your family, co-workers, spouse, partner, children, etc., be sure to nurture and care for those folks that are in your life. But above all, be sure to nurture and care for yourself first. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well, and until next time – veg in, don’t veg out!


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The Three Things You Must Stop Doing


Do you want to be happier? Stupid question? I’m guessing that right about now you’re rolling your eyes at me. OF COURSE YOU WANT TO BE HAPPIER! That’s like asking someone if they want more money…you’re rolling your eyes at me again; aren’t you?

If you want to be happier, here are three things that you must give up TODAY! Trust me on this.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Do you get a little nauseous when you look at your friend’s Facebook posts about their fabulous vacations, perfect kids, and adoring spouse that always cleans the kitchen? If you find yourself feeling jealous of your friends nearly perfect lives, keep this in mind, no one’s life is perfect and you are only seeing what your friends want you to see. You have no idea what’s really going on in someone’s life. While you are coveting what you believe someone else has, someone else is coveting what they believe you have.

A sure fire way to be happy is to be grateful for what you already have in your life. Gratitude is a gateway to happiness. And trust me when I say this, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. No matter how crappy things may seem, make it habit to write down three things you are grateful for every day…EVERY DAY… even if the only thing you have to be grateful for is the fact that you woke up in the morning!

2. Stop holding a grudge. People are jerks. Yeah, I know, what a news flash! Here’s the thing, forgiving someone does not mean that you condone what they’ve done, it means that you are smart enough to let go and preserve your peace of mind. One of my favorite quotes says, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Powerful. Why let someone else dictate your happiness? If someone has done something to wrong you either address it or forget it…or address it and then forget it. Stop seething over it. You’re not hurting the other person, you’re only hurting yourself, your happiness, and your peace of mind.

3.Stop worrying about everything under the sun.  This one is tough for most people; it was tough for me. I am by nature a worrywart. I worry about everything, at least I did, until the point where I literally started to worry myself sick. If you read my earlier post about sawing the sawdust you know that worrying is unproductive and unhealthy. When you are faced with an issue the only thing to do is to deal with it head on. Here’s how I do it…

Write down EXACTLY what the problem is, not what you perceive the problem to be, but the actual problem. Then, write down all the possible solutions to the problem. And then, let’s go one step further, write down all the possible consequences including; what’s the worst thing that can happen? Asking yourself that last question is key, “what is the worst thing that can happen?” It sounds counter intuitive to get all doomsday about it but once you know what you’re dealing with then you can pick the right course of action, make a plan, and then get to work. Worrying solves nothing, it only robs you of your happiness.

Happiness is a choice, it’s also something you have to actively engage in. If you want to be happy, then be happy!




Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well!

And until next time, veg in, don’t veg out!


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