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Energizing Citrus Scrub

Where are all my essential oil fans out there? I love essential oils and often use different scents to match my different moods.

Sandalwood and chamomile calm me; and lavender relieves my anxiety and helps me sleep.

But my favorite oils are definitely citrus oils. Grapefruit, lemon, and lime are energizing and make me instantly happy.

When choosing oils, be sure to get pure oils and read the labels carefully. Some of my favorites include, GoDesana and Aura Cacia

I use my oils to make both beauty and cleaning products. One of my favorite concoctions to whip up are shower scrubs. A good salt or sugar scrub exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling fresh, soft, and smooth. The recipe below is a salt-based scrub with a scent that just screams summer and sunshine.

The scrub should last six month in a glass jar stored in a cool, dark place. I say “should” because I’ve never had the scrub that long. I love it so much that once I make it, I use it just about every morning!

Exfoliating Citrus Scrub

1 ounce of almond oil
20 drops of grapefruit essential oil
15 drops of tangerine essential oil
3 ounces of coarse sea salt

Combine almond oil and essential oils in glass jar. Shake until ingredients are well combined.

Pour oil mix into a glass bowl and mix in sea salt a little at a time until you have a thick paste.

Let the mixture sit for about an hour and then transfer to a glass jar.

When ready to use, massage the mixture onto wet skin. Avoid sensitive areas such as your face, neck, and breasts.

Be careful in the shower; the almond oil can make the shower slippery.

The aroma of this scrub is so delicious. I use it in the morning to wake me up and energize me for the day.

Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well. And until next time – veg in, don’t veg out.


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Lavender Love

I have long been a fan of essential oils. I love the scents and the multiple uses. For years I have used oils as a way to enhance my home and my health and one of my favorites has always been lavender.

Lavender oil has been shown to help people relax, which is why you find it in many commercial products that are sold to help you sleep.

I’m not a fan of the commercial products because I choose not to use products that contain a lot of chemicals. I have found that investing in a really good bottle of essential oil, and using it strategically around your home, is much safer and healthier.

Essential oils are great because they’re all natural, have wonderful fragrance, and they last a long time! I drip a few drops in a diffuser ring on my light bulbs to scent my whole house, take a few sniffs in the middle of the day to ward off that “3 o’clock slump,” and use a few drops with some Epsom salts in my bath to relax.

One of my favorite gifts to make are lavender sachets. If bought in a fancy boutique, you can pay upwards of $30 for one of these! YIKES! Instead, I invest in just a few spice bags (you can get a dozen of them for around 8 bucks or so), and a few scraps of pretty lace or ribbon, and I make my own.

You can invest in a few pretty boxes from the dollar store, package your sachets, and boom, you have an elegant, and practical gift.

Here is the recipe:
1 cup whole oats
1 cup lavender buds (you can find these at your local craft store or online)
½ cup coarse Dead Sea salt
½ cup fine Dead Sea salt
10 drops lavender essential oil (which you can conveniently get from me)

Blend the oats in a food processor until powdery. Mix oats with lavender buds and both salts. Once combined, mix in the essential oil.

Scoop mixture into bags and tie tightly.

The sachets can be:

– Tucked into drawers where pajamas are kept to infuse PJ’s with the relaxing scent of lavender
– Tied to the faucet when taking a bath, letting the warm water run over the lavender mixture
– Hung in a closet to freshen the space
– Tucked into the cushion of your favorite chair to help you relax after a long day
– Sewn into the body of a child’s bedtime toy to help relax and soothe them off to sleep

The possibilities are endless! Lavender not your thing? There are hundreds of scents to choose from! And you can find them all here at:

Use lemon to wake you up, peppermint to refresh you, tea tree oil as a natural antiseptic.

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Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well. And until next time – veg in, don’t veg out!