Why Falling Off the Wagon Was the Best Thing to Happen to Me!


Last February, after a health scare that sent me to the emergency room, I changed my entire life by changing what and how I ate. As the year went on, I kept improving my eating habits, cutting out sugar, gluten, and processed food.

Then last weekend, I went on a road trip and fell off the wagon. It’s incredibly hard to eat healthy at rest stops and eating out at restaurants didn’t prove to be much easier. I found myself back on coffee loaded with sugar, unhealthy carbs for breakfast, I even had dairy, which I hadn’t had in years!

You would have thought that a weekend of eating poorly would have been enough, but sadly, it only opened the floodgates to eating like crap for the rest of the week. What made this so terrible is that I’m a recovering binge eater, and once I started down the road of eating crap, I couldn’t stop! On Thursday night, after a particularly rough day, I ate an entire box of mini frosted donuts, that’s when I realized I had hit rock bottom.

So why was this the best thing to happen to me? Because I felt like crap the entire week and I realized why I stopped eating like this in the first place! I was sick as a dog! I had a headache, my joints ached, I didn’t get one good night’s sleep the entire week. I was irritably, jumpy, and couldn’t concentrate. It was the worst and best week of my life! I was forced to face up to the fact that I’m not perfect, that dealing with an eating disorder requires a lifetime of being vigilant, and that I NEVER want to feel that bad again! This past week reinforced that I am truly on the right path and that my healthy way of eating really is the best thing for me.

Today I hit the reset button. I grocery shopped for all the right foods for my body. I cooked a week’s worth of healthy meals, practiced a little self-care, and allowed myself to rest and recharge. In just one day I already feel a million times better!

If you slip up, and as you can plainly see, we all do, even the Health Coach…just hit the reset button as quickly as possible. Don’t allow yourself to go down the slippery slope of poor eating. And most important, don’t let one bad day (or bad weekend) turn into a week!

Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well! And until next time veg in, don’t veg out!


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