I Felt Fat Today


I went for a run today. I haven’t been out running in a long time, and with a 10-miler coming up in just a few short weeks, I knew I needed to get out there and log some miles. I only made it three miles, pitiful, especially for someone that has completed two full marathons.

As I was out running I became acutely aware of my stomach bouncing up and down, the fat on my thighs, the thickness of my calves. I felt fat. The rest of my run (normally a time when I clear my mind) found me obsessing about my body; the fact that my stomach isn’t flat and my legs are short (I once had an orthopedic surgeon tell me I look like a Hobbit), the fact that my thighs rub when I run (the reason I never wear shorts) and the fact that while I have a good amount of muscle in my arms, I still have “bat wings.”

I ruined a perfectly good run by doing the one thing I tell my clients NOT to do; I was focusing too much on what my body looked like instead of focusing on what my body can do! Your body is an amazing machine. At this very moment your body is performing hundreds of tasks at the same time. While you are reading this, your heart knows to keep beating, your lungs know to keep taking in air, your eyes know when to blink and your throat knows when to swallow. And no matter what we do to our bodies (eat too much, sleep too little, let stress get the best of us) our bodies still continue to do what it needs to do to continue to function properly.

It’s time to shift the focus of taking care of yourself, eating right and exercising, not to look skinny, but to be healthy! To feed and nourish your body well so that it can continue to perform the daily functions you need it to. Eat to nourish and sustain; eat to live!

Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well. And until next time…veg in, don’t veg out!


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