Deconstructing Cravings


Sometimes when we are craving certain types of foods, it’s because our body is missing a nutrient that we need. So, next time you are reaching for a Snickers Bar or glass of cola, try swapping out some of these healthier options instead. Hope this helps!

Sweet/Sugar Cravings are sometimes the result of low blood sugar. I suggest adding some sweet root vegetables (think beets) or starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes. Will it taste like a candy bar? No! But you won’t experience that sugar high followed by the sugar crash that occurs from succumbing to sweets.

Salty Food Cravings are likely a mineral deficiency. If you take a lot of medication or supplements you may crave salt. If you have the crunchy/salty combination craving try some raw veggies and hummus or get a healthier chip such as sweet potato chips. The company Food That Tastes Good makes a mean all-natural sweet potato chip that may just stave off that craving in a snap.

I Need a Drink! Alcohol can help a body digest fatty foods. That’s why beer goes so well with pizza, and wine goes so well with cheese. If you are trying to skip the alcohol try Kombucha, a fermented drink that is packed with B-vitamins and probiotics.

I Scream for Ice Cream. When you crave creamy cold foods like ice cream try to make a creamy protein smoothie. Understand though that sometimes when you are craving something cold, you may just need to drink a couple of glasses of cold water. If that doesn’t work, and the protein shake isn’t cutting it, get yourself a little bit of high-quality ice cream, eat it, and enjoy it without distraction; savor every bite!

I’d Mug an Old Lady for a Snickers Bar! If you feel like you are honestly in love with chocolate, you may be right! Those who crave chocolate are likely drawn to theobromine in chocolate, that makes us feel like we are in love. Also, women experiencing PMS may crave chocolate due to a depletion in magnesium. A good organic dark chocolate (which is high in magnesium) will help!

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