Denial is not Just a River in Egypt!


After months of debate with myself, I have finally made the decision to go gluten-free. I have known for several months that I needed to do it, but I was too busy visiting another state; the state of denial!

I had every excuse under the sun, “it will be too hard,” I’m a vegan; what will eat?” I felt bad every time I ate bread or pasta, but not bad enough! You see, that’s what happens when you decide to make a change, you have to feel bad enough, be uncomfortable enough, to make that change!

The decision became crystal clear this week when, after eating bread at breakfast, pasta at lunch, and a peanut butter sandwich at dinner, I felt more horrible than I could remember feeling in recent years. I spent a half hour of my one-hour karate class in the bathroom (TMI), and knew then that it was time to leave the state of denial and move to a new state; the state of ACTION!

Will it be easy to go gluten-free? Probably not! But I need only think about how crappy I felt the other day to remind myself that eating that muffin, bowl of pasta, piece of bread, or piece of cake is not worth it!

Is there something in your life that you are denying? Is there something you feel strongly that you need to do? You could do what I did and wait until it’s so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to make a change, or, you can be proactive in your life and decide to make the changes in your life that you know will benefit you.

Some people need that “rock bottom” moment before they make a move, and if that’s you, than at least you can recognize it. But if you can make changes now, DO IT! Trust me, in six months you’ll wish you had started today!

Take care of yourself, be nice to yourself, and be well!

And until next time, veg in, don’t veg out!


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