When the Health Coach Gets Sick


An amazing thing happens when you become a Health Coach. Suddenly, everyone around you starts monitoring what you eat. God forbid you miss a workout, everyone gets on you for it. And don’t even try to sneak to the vending machine, or eat a donut at a staff meeting!

So, today, I got sick! Here’s a news flash, I’m a human being! Do you think doctors never get sick? Dentists never get a toothache? It happens! And it happened to me in a big way today!

I knew it was coming last night. I had a scratchy throat, and I kept repeating the mantra, “I am not getting sick, I am not getting sick,” but then I sneezed; TWICE, and I knew that was the beginning of the end. When I woke up this morning, I WAS SICK! Horribly sick! I went to work; big mistake! I made it for part of the morning and then promptly came home, parked myself on the coach, and started pumping myself full of liquids.

My co-workers were appalled! How I possibly be sick! I’m a Health Coach. I tell everyone else how to stay healthy! They looked at me as if I were an alien!

As a Health Coach, I am always so concerned about my clients. Are they getting what they need? Eating healthy? Taking care of themselves? Getting enough rest? It’s that last one that was my downfall. I am very good at telling other people to make sure they rest, but I’m terrible at doing it for myself. As I sat at my desk with the world’s worst headache, seriously, my eyeballs hurt, I emailed my brilliant marketing consultant to cancel a meeting for tonight, cleared off the calendar for Saturday, and came to the sad realization that my never-ending to-do list was going to get a little longer.

So what happens when the Health Coach gets sick? The same thing that happens when everybody else gets sick; you get forced to slow down and take care of yourself.

I hope all of you are staying well! Please remember to take care of yourself! And until next time, veg in, don’t veg out!


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