New Year, New You

It’s January 4th, how are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions? Why do people feel like they have to do everything all at once? You have 365 days in a year, take your time, focus your energy on one thing at a time. People get so overwhelmed that they end up falling off the wagon. This is why you can’t find a parking spot at the gym in January, but by March, there are tumbleweeds blowing by all the empty treadmills. 

Relax, slow down, and PRIORITIZE! What is your most pressing goal of the new year? If it’s losing weight, than start focusing on that first. Get into a regular workout routine, pay attention to what you’re eating. Once you have that down, look at your next most pressing goal. Want to save money? Sit down with your budget, start tracking your spending. And then? Move on to your next goal, and your next goal, and your next goal.

And take some time to plan. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Most people spend more time planning a day off from work than they do planning their lives. Take some time to examine your goals and then put together an action plan to help you achieve them. It’s not enough to say what you want, you have to know how you’re going to get it!

Don’t know much about exercise and nutrition? Do some research, buy some books. Get a health coach…I know a great one by the way…HINT HINT!

Don’t know much about budgeting? Same deal. Anything you want to learn can be learned if you focus some energy on it.

And don’t wait for things to be perfect; they never will be! Start where you are, with what you have, and what you know. Then expand and keep moving forward.

I spent New Year’s Eve with my family. Not my biological family, but the family I choose and that accepted me in. Normally, when midnight arrives I say, “I hope it’s going to be a good year.” This year, when the ball dropped, my whole outlook on the year changed with the swap of one little four-letter word. Instead of saying, “I hope it will be a good year,” I said, “It WILL be a good year!” And because I said it, it will be so!

I wish all of you the very best in the new year!

And until next time, veg in, don’t veg out.


Want to really make this your best year yet? It’s not too late to join me for my New Year, New You seminar! Just $45 per person! Visit my website at http://www.thecaringcoachingcenter.com for more information. Can’t make the seminar? For just $25 you can buy a workbook that is jam-packed with tools, tips, techniques, and worksheets to get you through the year! Just email me at karen@thecaringcoachingcenter.com to reserve yours today!


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