All I Want for Christmas Is…

I went to KMart the other day and was shocked to see that they already had their Christmas stuff out. UGH…Halloween is my favorite holiday, and retailers just blow past that in favor of Christmas trees and ornaments. I’m sorry, but it’s October, I don’t want to see Santa Claus staring at me!

But in looking at the Christmas stuff I realized that the holiday really isn’t that far away, and then I started to panic. Money is tight this year, and I really can’t afford to buy much, and truthfully, I don’t really want my friends to buy me much either. I live in a small place, and am starting to get heavily into minimalism, and I just don’t need or want anything. So I started to think about what I want for Christmas this year, and all I really want is the gift of experiences.

When my nephew was little (he’s 22 now) I would take him somewhere every year for Christmas. We’d ride the El train to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and mail our letters to Santa Claus, have a nice lunch, see the Christmas decorations in the city, and I’d always take him to buy something for his mom for Christmas. I always thought that spending time with him was more important than buying some cheap plastic toy that would sit in his toy chest. Now, because I’m “that” Aunt that spoils kids, I’d inevitably buy him the toy too, but I always hoped that buy taking him out, we’d make what I call dot, dot, dot moments.

You know those; right? When you get older and you start your stories with, “Remember that time when we…” I wanted to give him the dot, dot, dot at the end of that sentence. And then it hit me, that’s what I want this year for Christmas. I want experiences with my friends. I want to go to a show, go to lunch, or meet for coffee in the middle of the hustle and bustle of shopping. I want to spend the day in Lancaster, go to New York, see a show, have a fabulous brunch in town. I want the experience; I want the dot, dot, dot. Because life is short, and I want more opportunities with my friends and family to start sentences with, “Remember that time when we…”

So no candles, or vases, or dust collectors for me, I want the experiences. That’s all I really want for Christmas. Unless of course someone out there is offering to buy me a brand new color printer and laptop, then…let’s talk!

Until next time folks, Veg In, Don’t Veg Out!



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