What the heck is your blog about?


I know it was the title of this blog that made you stop and want to read it; and that’s a good thing! I took a short course on blogging and the first thing they suggested was to have a catchy title. So now that you’re here, I’m sure you have two big questions:

1) Why this title?

2) What the heck am I going to find on here?

Excellent questions my friends, so here it is…

I went to school to be a pastry chef; a far cry from where I am now, studying to becoming a Health Coach, and trying to help people live a healthier life. Even though my primary focus was on the pastry arts, I still had to know how to cook a variety of other foods. In one class, the seafood class, we boiled live lobsters. Now, some folks will tell you that lobsters don’t actually scream when you boil them, but I know what I heard, and I’ll leave it at that.

In the years to follow, I dabbled in the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I’d eat meat every now and then, but would always think about my food and where it came from, and I’d always think about the lobsters. I recall once going to a Red Lobster and walking past the lobster tank. It occured to me what it would be like to go to the tank and pick out my lobster, knowing that I was basically sending him off to be executed. I thought about the other lobsters in the tank saying, “Yeah, there goes Uncle Louie, it’s a shame he had to go, but he had a good run.”

Today, I live a vegetarian almost vegan lifestyle, and I love it.

So what will you find here? You’ll find tons of great vegetarian and vegan recipes, lots of pratical tips to get healthy and stay healthy, how to shop, cook, and eat healthy on a budget, lots of great exercise tips, and some (what I think) are funny stories that will keep you entertained and “hungry” for more (see, see what I did there?)

What you won’t find is a crazy judgemental PETA-throwing-urine-on-you blog that belittles the carnivores out there, so if you are a meat eater, please don’t give up on me just yet! You’ll still find lots of great health and exercise tips, and if you are interested in non-meat recipes, I’ve got you covered.  

So, to all of you, I say…WELCOME! I hope you enjoy the posts! 

Veg in, don’t veg out!



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